Saturday, February 23, 2008

Get your motor running

Later this year I'm off on a biking trip in Europe, on this fine fellow.

More details in due course but it will start at the very northern tip of Denmark, Grenen, where the waters of the Baltic meet those of the North Sea. Strictly it's where the Kattegat meets the Skagerrak.

And what has this to do with an allotment, do I hear you ask? Nothing whatsoever, but I've got to start somewhere!! When I get round to it I'll set up another blog to focus just on that but for now we'll leaven allottment posts with biking posts. You'll get used to it.


UKBob said...

Wow! That'll be cool Woody, have you done this sort of thing before? I look forward to reading all about it. Are you going alone. Bob.

Frankie @ Veg Plot said...

Groovey!! How fast will it go?

Woody Wilbury said...

Hi Bob. Have I done this sort of thing before? Well, yes and no, mostly no. For the last 20+ yrs I've had a week away every year, always on my own, usually on a bicycle. That changed a few years ago when I started taking a group of freinds from work up mountains - so far Pyrenees, Dolomites & Crete. We do that every other year (Austria next year) but in general I'm a solo traveller and this trip is no exception. And, although I haven't done much for very many years, I think motorbikes are in my genes. My dad rode a motorbike into his seventies. He isn't coming with me on this trip; well, not physically, what with being 10 years dead and all. But a laminated photo of him will be tucked inside the windshield so he can see where I'm going.

Frankie - I've only had it three weeks so I truly don't know yet. I'm told it'll cruise comfortably at 80 (it's only a 400cc, and technically it's a scooter but a big un). I've seen 70 on it but haven't really been trying yet.

I haven't told you anything about the route yet. Keep watching.

Paul and Melanie said...

Sounds like an exciitng trip! Of course the real question is how are you going to pop back to keep an eye on your plot while you're off travelling... lol ;)

Woody Wilbury said...

My avatar, Wilma Wilbury, will be in charge!