Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stirrings and Strimmings
Signs of life! Rhubarb is beginning to emerge

and so is the garlic

And it is unmistakably getting lighter. Which, time marching on, means I really need to get on with the 2 sub-plots I'm going to leave fallow this year. Sounds a bit pretentious I know, with echoes of Turnip Townsend and his three-course rotation but I just need to cut down the amount of plot I'm not cultivating very well, in the hope of doing the rest of it better.

So I've strimmed all the lush, wet, soft, weed growth off it (wearing safety specs, but when I took them off had a massive white band across an otherwise filthy face), so it looks pretty tidy:
Then put weed control fabric down, so as to...... yep, u got it.

Well, it's a good plan; let's see how it goes. I've also started planning the layout for this year and am trying to grow less quantity but better (better-grown, sturdier) quality plants. And I've two more Resolutiones:

  • Really really must put the brassicas in a chicken wire cage, to keep the pigeons off, and
  • Really must try to master succession sowing, about which I am hopeless so tend to end up as boom or bust. Mostly short periods of boom followed by long periods of bust, which ain't the way to do it at all, at all.
And, changing the subject totally, I've bought a motorcycle, for a cunning plan which is well advanced and will be revealed in a sub-blog later. Pictures when it arrives, in a couple of weeks. Hasta la Vista, baby.


Frankie @ Veg Plot said...

I'm buying another freezer for the gluts!

Karen @ Wiggly Wigglers said...

It's nice to see things popping through isn't it. No sign of my rhubarb though - I think I'll have to move it this year.

UKBob said...

I know what you mean about succession sowing Woody, I have nothing but good intentions at the start and get it all planned out but it never really goes to plan somehow.