Sunday, December 23, 2007

The day before the day before Xmas

Yippee. And..... it's a glorious day with bright sunshine and bitter cold frost. Ideal for getting back to the plot and doing some....digging!

So here's the result. Second patch from the top dug over, copiously manured with cute little chicken poop pellets, and lots of ordinary manure around the rhubarb and the plum tree. This year the plum tree produced two plums and both fell off before i could eat them. If it don't do better this year it'll have an appointment with my chopper.

And managed to get some Xmas leeks and Xmas spuds (the taties and the leekies, when they are both full grown, etc etc. make your own rhyme!!)

And finally, in the likely event of nothing posted tomorrow, best wishes to anyone happening by; hope you have a good Xmas and lots of allotment-related presents!

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UKBob said...

Hi Woody, I've just popped in to wish you a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and hope you have a great time. Bob.