Monday, August 06, 2007

Brincliffe revisited

First visit to the plot to actually do something, as opposed to standing around being depressed about it, for ages. Altho the doing amounted to cutting some hedge. Privet? God's curse on gardeners. What is the purpose of privet? Anyone who says it forms a cheap, quick-growing and effective boundary had better not leave an address or they'll find all mine on their doorstep. I loathe it. But at least you can "see where you've been".

Met my old mates Jenny & Janet (next plot but two to the right). They've had a "Dirty Plot" notice from the council and are mighty embarrassed about it. Mind you, if I don't get the hedge down soon I'll be getting one myself.

Also met Ivan, my immediate neighbour to the left (over the hedge) who has the great joy of a fabulous potting shed newly built on his plot but the great lament of an infestation of mare's tail on his other plot. Two plots? Blimey. I take my hat off to Ivan cos one is quite enough for me.

And even the Gardener formerly known as Inconstant (who shares my gate and path) is putting me to shame. His sweet peas are doing really well; spuds & onions likewise. I doff my cap.

Finally, of the zillions of courgette plants I put out (in the face of great scepticism from one reader of this blog), precisely two weedy little runts have survived the deluge. The others have "gorn dahn the plughole; not lorst, just gorn before" as the song has it. But, brave soldiers that they are (courgette soldiers? Now there's a thought. Not sure I'd want to dip them in my boiled egg) they're trying hard and may yet produce a courgette each.


sarahsvegetablepatch said...

I wish I lived closer to you so I could give you some of my courgette plants. I bought three seedlings as well as sowing seeds, and would you know, they all grew into healthy, big plants. Now I don't have enough room and have had to remove three. I'm considering taking out two more. I don't want to kill them so have to find new homes!

Frankie @ Veg Plot said...

Ermmm, I have had 1 courgette from my plant which I sliced lengthwise, fried in olive oil and served with a risotto.

It was quite nice.

I may have to change my tune.

Gordon M said...

I sense a convert in the making! But for the full courgette fritter expertise I recommend the street cafes in Paleochora, Crete. Yes, I am biased.