Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm with Whittingstall

The only good pigeon is a roast pigeon.

Why this burst of carnivorous spleen, you may ask?

Simple. The Fat Alberts have taken to eating my bean plants, necessitating a Colditz-style construction of chicken wire, bakery crates and a dead oak sapling to fend the b*st*rds off. Picture next time, if it (and the beans) survive. I'm not growing any brassicas this year cos the Fat Alberts just go for them too much; they've never gone for my beans before. Is it just spite?

*Fat Albert is services slang for the Hercules transport plane, to which pigeons show considerable resemblance as they swoop in for the attack on my beans. B*st*rds!

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Caroline M said...

You know why they've never gone for the beans before - they prefer the brassicas. As a new allotment holder I always look at what the old hands do and their pigeon protection is the real McCoy. There's no wonder the flying rats fight their way through the string, netting and cd's on my plot when the alternatives are protected by a metal grill box.