Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Busy planting

Tomatoes in (23 - mix of MoneyMaker, Tamina & Gardener's Delight). Another 12 in reserve in case i manage to find room for them!
Courgettes in (5) and Lovage in (3). Lovage is a real favourite here. It's really tasty and once established just keeps coming back in vast quantities every year. With three plants I could feed a lot of people who like lovage!

And there's a cracking great 'thing' on next door's plot. Any ideas what it is? It's probably really obvious and I should know having once been a botanist but I haven't a clue. Looks like an Arum lily but seems too big - it's a good 12 inches high.

Suggestions welcome


Melanie Rimmer said...

5 courgettes? Are you sure? The advice I was given about courgettes is "plant 3, and hope one dies". Either you must have a bigger family than the old woman who lived in the shoe, or else you must really like courgettes. We had so many last year I started making plans for drying them and using them to insulate the loft. And don't get m,e started about runner beans. I've still got a freezer full of the damn things from last year.

Gordon M said...

You ain't seen nothing yet - I've got 10 outdoor cucumbers waiting to go in, and they're really prolific!!

But we do like them, and so do the folks at work I give 'em away to.