Monday, March 12, 2007

Favourite Tools - No. 1 in an occasional series

The Spade

This was my Dad's spade, which I inherited when he died. He never had much money in his life and I discovered after he died that he had saved up for a month, in his seventies, to buy this spade. It is a really good spade (Bulldog, I think). It isn't stainless so I have to keep it in use to keep it shiny, which my dad would have liked. He was wont to say "Come on, put the tool to the job", so I do.
I like to think he would approve of the use it continues to get. Not sure what he'd make of this blogging business though.

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lilymarlene said...

How wonderful to be able to use your Dad's spade in your garden. All that I have of my Dad's is his logarithm tables! And I couldn't begin to use them nowadays.....could anyone?