Monday, October 02, 2006

G is out on his bike again. Normal service almost fully resumed. 11.5 miles this morning around the old circuit by Derwent & Howden reservoirs up to Kings Tree. Lots of very miserable cyclists who clearly haven't been brought up proper and told by their Mums to say Good Morning to the nice gentleman. If any of you are reading this (unlikely?) Lighten up you Miserable Buggers and say Good Morning when someone says it to you!

Then to the allotment this afternoon for a good bout of "Digging in the Rain; what a wonderful feeling, I'm digging again". And it didn't rain too much and I did get two sub-plots dug. Needless to say the inconstant gardener hasn't done much. Too busy making goulash.


bloggorazzi said...

You should try saying good morning in London to fellow cyclists; you'll be lucky to get a a glance from the helmeted, face-masked lycra-decked merchants. But rehgardless of that Good Afternoon!

Gordon M said...

Thanks. Not sure I'd dare cycle in london, altho my son does.